Meridian Campus

22nd March 2024

Campus update

This week we've been focused on PE and Phonics at Meridian Campus. 

At Springfield, some of the children had an opportunity to go to the Panathlon event in Enfield. They were excited to swim, built their confidence, and performed well, coming fourth out of eight teams.

At Dyson's, the children used Writing Trays in their phonics lessons. These are shallow containers filled with wet or dry materials, such as rice, flour and oats. Learners use their finger or a tool, such as a pencil or paint brush, to draw, write letters, or form numbers.

The children also got to practice 'mark making' with watercolour paints. They created different patterns, lines, textures and shapes. It was a very creative week indeed.

Finally, a reminder that this term comes to an end on Thursday 28th March, when we finish at 12:30pm.

We wish you and your family a happy and restful break.

Please ensure your child has suitable winter clothing for school so they can take part in outdoor learning. We recommend a coat, jumper, hat, closed shoes or trainers 

We use splash suits to keep children dry when they jump in puddles! 

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