Haselbury Campus

19th April 2024

Campus update

Fox Class organised their own restaurant as part of National Careers Week.

Vicki, from the Bread n Butter cooking school, gave the students a cooking 'masterclass'. They then got busy making vegetable coconut curry and naan bread.

They designed the restaurant and planned a stand-up comedy act for during the meal.

And one student was the restaurant marketer and created the website (click here).

They invited members of the school's Speech and Language team to dine with them. The guests had a great time and left 5 star reviews.

One of the diner said, "the ambience of this new eatery was excellent."

Learners have settled well into their new classes, new year groups and, for our year 7s, new school. We're all raring to go after the half term break!

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